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Here are a couple of wrestling related things I’ve been working on. The photo of the wrestler is going to be used in a ad in WIN Magazine. The other is for an upcoming wrestling dual.



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2011-2012 Tahoma Gymnastics

Here is a gymnastics poster that I recently created. I’ll am working on one for Tahoma Basketball and Auburn Wrestling right now, but will get them posted when I finish. 


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More Posters

Since I made a few posters for kids, others wanted some made too. It will be good to get them up in town to help build up support for our team and to help get more kids to turn out. I think my favorite one is the one on the bottom. When I’m coming up with ideas for posters like the ones below, most times I typically look for a quote of some sort to lead me to an idea. However, there are times that I take a cool picture and then try to find something to go with it.

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Tahoma Wrestling Team Poster

Here is a copy of the Tahoma Wrestling Team Calendar. These types of calendars are a lot of fun to make, but are difficult to organize. This is the team that I coach, so I take some personal pride in the product of both the poster and the team results.

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