Creating Team Posters

So something I do quite frequently for athletic teams is create season calendars. These calendars encompass a lot of work, but I enjoy the challenge of making each one unique. I can spend up to 10-20 hours on a single poster. Oftentimes, I take each players picture individually and then combine them in the finished project. Below is a poster I made last year for Tahoma Soccer. I was able to create much of the poster prior to taking the athletes pictures, so once I took them I was able to just place them into their spots.

For this particular poster, I had the vision in my head prior to starting. I am often asked where I come up with the ideas for the posters. I really don’t have a set way of coming up with ideas. Sometimes I will take the kids pictures and then create the poster around them. Other times, I will do the exact opposite creating the background and then adding in the players.

Today, I am going to create a poster for the Tahoma Football team. Right now I have a few ideas rolling around in my small brain, but am still not sure what the final product will look like. I will post it on here in a couple of days when I get it finished. If you are interested in having me create a picture for your team, let me know.

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