A Little History

My infatuation for photography began as I coached wrestling. I ran our team website and didn’t have pictures to put up on it. I could use other people’s photos, but spent much of my time seeking permission and wanted more freedom. I started with an entry-level camera and remember asking another photographer what all the symbols on the top meant. I only shot on auto at the time and couldn’t quite figure out why my pictures never quite turned out like the professional photographers. I was able to alter my photos using Photoshop, but still I wanted them to come out of the camera looking better.

I have found like many do, that Photoshop will only take you so far. It can take a bad photo and make it look good, but it can take a great photo and make it excellent.  I wanted to make my own great photos. Since then, I have studied and learned as much as I possibly can about photography and Photoshop in combination. The photo above was taken today at a wrestling camp in Maple Valley, Washington. Pictured is long time Tahoma Wrestling Coach Brian Higa. A former College wrestler, Brian still works just as hard as anyone else in the room and doesn’t hold back when showing technique!


Long Time Tahoma Wrestling Coach Brian Higa

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