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2010-2011 Senior Pictures

I did my first senior picture photo session yesterday and they turned out great. We lucked out on the weather as there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The pictures were taken in the middle of the day so the light created some harsh shadows. This allowed for some really dramatic action shots.  If you are interested in scheduling a senior picture photo shoot leave me a comment or send me a message. This may be the only time of year you can actually get the sun in your photo. Senior picture rates can be found on my webstie.


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Home From Fargo

It has been a long two weeks. Our Washington National Team began with a 5 day training camp in Cheney, Washington. We came home for a day and then spent eight days in Fargo, ND. The heat in Fargo was unbearable. There was a heat index of 110 one day that we were there. It sure made weight cutting easy for most as you were pouring with sweat upon stepping outside of the air-conditioned buildings.

National Champion Chandler Rogers

Our team preformed well. We had one national champion and two other finalists. One of the finalist, Joey Palmer  comes from my wrestling club “Bear Claw.”  He is a very hard-working kid and his hard work paid off for him. The two pictures are of our one national champion Chandler Rogers from Spokane. I didn’t get an opportunity to take a lot of pictures while there because as coaches we stay pretty busy. The typical day starts at around 5:00 a.m. and ends around 7:00 p.m. We do that for 8 days! Needless to say, it was nice to be home last night and able to sleep in my own bed.

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Headed to Fargo

I just got home last night from a National Team Training Camp in Cheney, WA at Eastern Washington University. Our states best high school wrestlers were there preparing for the upcoming National Tournament in Fargo, ND. We leave tomorrow morning as a team for Fargo, and wrestle there for about a week. I am planning on bringing my camera, but it is hard to be both a coach and photographer. I usually only get the camera out during the All-American matches, because at that point in the tournament there are plenty of coaches to go around.

These are a couple of pictures that I took last year at the tournament. This was right after getting my newer camera and not really positive how to use it! Both kids pictured were Cadet National Champions for Washington State.



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New Section On Website

Today I added a new section to my website for pictures of families. I havent really taken many pictures of families just yet, hence the reason for only having a couple of pictures up on the site. I took these photos yesterday and look forward to expanding my offerings as a photographer.

This weekend I am headed to Eastern Washington for our National Team training camp. I then return home for a day and travel to Fargo, ND for the national tournament. I took some really cool wrestling pictures there last year and hope to get some more this year of our Washington National Team wrestlers.

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New Lens… New Pictures

I bought a new lens last week and havent had a chance to really test it out. I didn’t really need to buy a new lens, but as a teacher you spend a lot of your summer time trying to find ways to spend money. So… After making family stand around and shooting pop cans, I took some senior pictures with it today. The pictures turned out really good and I was able to test out a new Ranger Quadra light system as well.

The wrestler pictured below wrestles in my freestle and greco club Bear Claw.  James has been a part of the team for the past 3-4 years. He is a Greco All-American and multiple time state placer. He will be traveling to the national tournament in Fargo, ND in a couple of weeks with the hope of returning home a national champion.

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A Little History

My infatuation for photography began as I coached wrestling. I ran our team website and didn’t have pictures to put up on it. I could use other people’s photos, but spent much of my time seeking permission and wanted more freedom. I started with an entry-level camera and remember asking another photographer what all the symbols on the top meant. I only shot on auto at the time and couldn’t quite figure out why my pictures never quite turned out like the professional photographers. I was able to alter my photos using Photoshop, but still I wanted them to come out of the camera looking better.

I have found like many do, that Photoshop will only take you so far. It can take a bad photo and make it look good, but it can take a great photo and make it excellent.  I wanted to make my own great photos. Since then, I have studied and learned as much as I possibly can about photography and Photoshop in combination. The photo above was taken today at a wrestling camp in Maple Valley, Washington. Pictured is long time Tahoma Wrestling Coach Brian Higa. A former College wrestler, Brian still works just as hard as anyone else in the room and doesn’t hold back when showing technique!

Long Time Tahoma Wrestling Coach Brian Higa

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